Let me drown, for the water calls to me.

Updated: May 13, 2019

"And how bad can it be?" he asked.

"Sometimes...." My voice faltered and my throat closed over the words because I did not know how to respond to that question.

I picked up again.

"Sometimes nothing becomes too much and everything becomes too little. The world largest room will suffocate me because it's not enough space and I'll retreat back to the tiniest corner of my mind and fold myself over and over again, sit and hold my chest to my knees then tuck my chin to my knees.

My silence will be so powerful that it will resonate too loud for any souls to bear and my voice too soft for anyone to understand me. Yes, I am drowning but that is what I want you to understand. I am drowning but I don't need any saving. I need to drown. I need to learn how to drown. So for now, let me go deep into the water and drown."

¬ Hermetaphors

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